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Central Innovation


Mehdi Blanchard
IT Systems Manager, Central Innovation

We’ve reduced the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars with tracking and reporting in Sugar Professional.

This has resulted in a 30 percent growth in our business.

Quick Facts

Company Description:
Central Innovation is the holding company for Intercad and Graphisoft. Intercad is a leading 3D CAM/CAM sales consulting, training and support organization in Australia and New Zealand. Graphisoft is the exclusive reseller of ArchiCAD in Australia and also provides sales consulting, training and support.

Founded: Central Innovation 2007, Graphisoft 1994, Intercad 1989

Solution: Sugar Professional

Business Issue

Central Innovation is the parent company of Intercad and Graphisoft, two leading 3D CAD software resellers in Australia and New Zealand. With Intercad and Graphisoft now part of Central Innovation, the company’s immediate goals were to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve visibility throughout the organization. It wanted to do this by bringing together its offices across Australia, combining its IT and accounts departments and developing a web-based CRM solution for its businesses.


Central Innovation required a flexible, cross-platform, web-based CRM solution that was easy to customize and could allow Central Innovation to own its data.


Central Innovation chose Sugar Professional for its cross platform, web-based capabilities. It worked with its SugarCRM gold-level partner, InsightfulCRM, to move Graphisoft and Intercad to Sugar Professional with two separate instances. The Graphisoft upgrade and the Intercad migration were complete within four months each.


  • Easily integrated with QuickBooks and Joomla CMS.
  • Reduced report processing time by 75 percent, from multiple hours to just 30.
  • Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and increased business 30 percent with tracking and reporting capabilities provided in Sugar Professional.
  • Reduced lead import process from four hours per day to just a few minutes.