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Community Telco

Community Telco

Steven Coles
Managing Director, Community Telco

We’ve seen a reduction in customer churn thanks to SugarCRM

Business Issue

Multiple product and services offerings meant that Community Telco management lacked effective communication and transparency between sales, service delivery and franchises.


Email-laden processes to track the customer lifecycle from sales through to order and service delivery resulted in wasted time and resources Community Telco had increased customer churn


  • Community Telco first began using Sugar Community Edition in 2007 for account and contact management within sales in 2007
  • The company then upgraded to Sugar Professional in 2008 and deployed to 100 users across sales and service.
  • Community Telco customized Sugar Professional to allow sales and service delivery to provision resources and customers between different products and services


  • Community Telco has reduced customer churn
  • Management has improved visibility of sales, order management, and service delivery, resulting in shortened service delivery cycles for customers
  • Operational handling of Community Telco’s franchises has improved thanks to improved visibility into the order management process


  • Community Telco has created custom modules using Module Builder to automate the process of sales securing products and services for new customers from the procurement teams and service delivery
  • Customizations to the Account module allow sales agents to view all customer information through a single view, including service delivery, service issues, and product information
  • Future customizations will include deployment of critical Account information to Blackberry’s via customizations to Sugar Professional’s mobile capabilities