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Trans-Tasman Business CircleErica Vorsay
General Manager, Trans-Tasman Business Circle

With Sugar Professional, we’ve experienced productivity gains of 30 – 50 percent, decreased average data processing time from days to seconds and more than doubled the number of conferences we hold each year.



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Quick Facts

Company Description
Trans-Tasman Business Circle is the premiere executive network in Australia and New Zealand for connecting business and government leaders.

Founded: 1993

solution: Sugar Professional


Business Issue

In 2006, Trans – Tasman Business Circle began to feel serious growing pains. The company very quickly grew from a two-person office into a staff of 10 across two countries. Trans-Tasman initially reacted to the growth in an ad-hoc manner. The result: six separate customer data stores, poor data quality, and zero interaction between data sources. Trans-Tasman found it was spending more time administering data than selling to customers – and knew it needed to make serious changes and get its data under control with a single CRM system.


  • Unable to access, update and synch data for real-time use.
  • Compromised data security with in-house servers.
  • Heavy administrative overhead costs and inefficiencies.
  • Duplication of data that resulted in unsatisfactory member experiences and account management.
  • Lacked visibility into marketing and sales automation results and pipeline development.


  • Trans-Tasman worked with Insightful, a SugarCRM partner, located in Australia, to deploy Sugar Professional across its entire organization within 18 months. With Insightful on board, Trans – Tasman was able to stay on schedule with the original scope of its project.
  • In addition Insightful provided extensive training for the initial deployment to the entire company that resulted in high user adoption rates.


  • Reduced infrastructure from six systems to two systems.
  • Experienced productivity gains of 30 – 50 percent.
  • Decreased average data processing time from days to seconds.
  • Able to support a mobile sales force.
  • Increased sponsorship sales effectiveness and more than doubled the number of conferences it holds each year.
  • Automated online customer and sponsorship management processes that now provide an exceptional experience to members and sponsors.
  • Able to support 95 percent of customization requests in-house.

About Trans-Tasman Business Circle

Recognising the growing links between Australia and New Zealand, Global CEO John Weiss founded the Circle in 1993 to provide a network for business and government leaders from these economies to collaborate and share ideas.

In the past 17 years, the Circle has grown to provide a multi-tiered level of engagement for Subscribers. The most prominent business and political leaders from the region are regular speakers at the Circle’s events.